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Login Screen
System Section Screen
Foreign Exchange System Menu

Foreign Exchange System Menu

Front Office
Back Office
Financial Accounts
MIS Report
End Of Day Process

Front Office

___Foreign Exchange LCY (Monitoring Screen)
___Counter Party Limit (Monitoring Screen)
___Dealer Limit (Monitoring Screen)
___Position Balance (Monitoring Screen)
___Nostro Balance (Monitoring Screen)
___Deal Register (Monitoring Screen)
___Deal Authorization (Process Screen)
___Opening Nostro Balances (Monitoring Screen)
___Opening Position (Monitoring Screen)
___Outright Deal (Deal Entry Screen)
___Investment Deal (Deal Entry Screen)
___Fund Generation Deal (Deal Entry Screen)
___Nostro Transfer (Deal Entry Screen)
___Contract Booking Maturity Deal (Take-ups) (Deal Entry Screen)
___TMU Contract Booking (Deal Entry Screen)
___TMU Ready Deal (Deal Entry Screen)
Cancelled Deal Authorization

Back Office

Common Options for Authorization, View, Edit, or Delete Un-Authorized Records

Change of Settlement Account
___Group Information
___Counter Party
___Counter Party Settlement
___Brokerage Rates
___Currency Wise Off Days
___Currency Wise Holiday
___Placement Codes
___Contract Booking Maturity Deal (Take-ups) (Deal Entry Screen)
___TMU Contract Booking (Deal Entry Screen)
___TMU Ready Deal (Deal Entry Screen)
Bank Nostro Balance
Cancel Authorized Deal
Nostro Transfer
Deal Processing (Verification / Authorization)
Deal Confirmation

Risk Management(CAD/MO)

___Counter Party Limit
___Front Office Dealer Limit
___Open Position Limit
___Currency Wise Position Limit
___Authorizer Limit
___Counter Party Limit (Sub Allocation)
___Temporary Limit Enhancement
___Group Limit
Exchange Rates
Change Limit (PSR)

Financial Accounts

___Fwd. Contract Types
___Fwd. Contract Accounts
___Swap Types
___Swap Accounts
___MO / Exposure Accounts
___Deposits / Placements
___Income / Expense


___Fwd. Contract Types
___Fwd. Contract Accounts
___Exchange Rates
___Download Branch Data
___Inter Branch Transfers
___Transfer Reporting Codes

Mis Reports

Common Options for Report Generation.

Front Office
___Open Currency Position
___Cash Flow
___Deal Ticket
___Forward Blotter Report
___ Ready Blotter Report
Back Office
___Currency Wise Holiday
___Broker Setup
___Nostro Setup
___Group Setup
___Counter Party Setup
___Branch Setup
___Region Setup
___Country Setup
___Branch Deposit Type
___Currency Setup
___Maturity Profile
___Brokerage Register
___Deal Ticket
___FX Mark to Market
___Nostro Transfer
___Nostro Account Balance
___Cash Reserve Account Letter
Risk Management Reports
___Dealer Limit Setup
___Authorizer Limit Setup
___Counter Party Limit Exposure
___Exchange Rates Setup
___Deal Confirmation [Outright]
___FX Mark to Market
___Deal Confirmation [Swap]
___Revaluation Report
___Deal Confirmation [Placement]
___Deal Confirmation [Borrowing]
___Inter Bank Exchange Rate
___FX Position Limits
___Nostro Limit
___NOP FEEL Summary
___Temporary Limit Enhancement
___Counter Party Limit (Sub Allocation)
___Profitability Summary
___PSR Limit Report
___Limit Utilization Report (Average)
___Group Limit Cap Report
Financial Accounts Reports
___MO Exposure
___Deposit Asset Liability Accounts
___Deposit Income Expense Accounts
Branch Reports
___Forward Contract [Outstanding]
___Forward Contract Accounts
___TMU Ready Deals
___FX TMU Profit
___Branch Reporting Reconciliation
___Branch Nostro Reporting


Swift Messages
Day End Status
End of Day Process


Diagram Detail

The Foreign Exchange (FX) module has been designed to meet the growing needs of current day dealing operations in the Foreign Exchange market. It covers the accurate recording of all types of Ready, Spot, Forward , and FX Swap transactions, complete with Limit Exposure, Position updating, Brokerage delivery of the related advices, confirmations and payments.

The system also caters Branch related transactions like Ready & Forward buy / sell , Forward Bills (FBP) , forward purchase / sale contracts etc.

FX Module would also provide recording of inter-bank clean placement and borrowings.

Its user specific Blotter provide full monitoring of on-line currency position, exposure, future cash flows, Nostro positions, counter party limits dealer limit, SBP limits etc.

FX Module is capable to generate SWIFT messages against the trades, it is also provide complete upload facility of FX deals into the SBP provided CRS system.

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